1. Podcast

ADHD, during the lockdown period: I tried to provide insight into possible challenges that children and parents may encounter. I also explore practical ideas that can be implemented to support you and your family. Podcast: Click here

2. Podcast

ADHD and home schooling, during the lockdown period: I tried to provide some uncomplicated and practical advice for all of the new ADHD Home school teachers! Podcast: Click here

3. Article

So.... you are a home school teacher now!": Click here

4. Article

“ADHD Support” : Click here

5. Supervisor for Honours student:

Predicting Decisions Regarding ADHD Medication Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour Click here

6. My Honours research project:

“Raising an ADHD Child: Relations between parental stress, child functional impairment, and subtype of the disorder” Click here

7. Article for ADHASA:

"Keeping Up With ADHD: “Parental Stress”: Click here
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